3612.14 USD
CAP: 62,906,471,819 USD
0.31 USD
CAP: 12,731,586,456 USD
94.26 USD
CAP: 9,774,900,107 USD
CAP: 2,372,673,477 USD
CAP: 1,888,248,899 USD
CAP: 1,873,259,019 USD
1.99 USD
CAP: 1,804,853,012 USD
CAP: 1,527,640,677 USD
0.01 USD
CAP: 895,610,657 USD
CAP: 813,950,322 USD
47.38 USD
CAP: 788,041,535 USD
0.24 USD
CAP: 673,962,973 USD
0.07 USD
CAP: 664,885,006 USD
CAP: 637,531,639 USD
73.23 USD
CAP: 622,224,029 USD
CAP: 427,461,321 USD
6.33 USD
CAP: 411,138,428 USD
60.09 USD
CAP: 325,482,709 USD
CAP: 248,004,345 USD
“I like blockchain but not bitcoin.” This is a phrase many of us have heard countless times. And although it’s not an uncommon opinion, it is fundamentally wrong. When somebody tells us that they see the potential in blockchain but not in cryptocurrency, they demonstrate a basic flaw in reasoning. …
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The bears are out and it seems like there’s no end in sight to this market downtrend. We’ve seen the landscape change drastically in recent months – the pressure is mounting on the entire cryptocurrency space by regulators. We’ll go over 4 factors that, in our opinion, contribute …
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You read right! John McAfee, founder of McAfee Anti-Virus software charges more than $100,000 per tweet when promoting initial coin offerings. His marketing website states that nothing in the cryptocurrency industry is more powerful than a tweet and that tweets to his 810,000 followers regularly double t…
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Market capitalization, or market cap for short, is a common term used in reference to cryptocurrency. Although it may sound like a cumbersome concept to wrap one’s head around, it is actually very straight forward. Simply put, market cap is calculated by multiplying the circulating supply of a coin…
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Jack Dorsey, the CEO of both Twitter and Square, said in an interview with the Times of London there will be one single world currency within the coming decade. And he believes that universal currency will be bitcoin.
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Twitter is allegedly planning to prohibit advertisements for ICO/ITO projects and crypto wallets. The new policy is supposed to be implemented within the coming weeks. The policy change has yet to be officially announced or confirmed.
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