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Cryptocurrency Market Cap and Why it is Useful

Apr 2, 2018by CryptoCanada

Market capitalization, or market cap for short, is a common term used in reference to cryptocurrency. Although it may sound like a cumbersome concept to wrap one’s head around, it is actually very straight forward. Simply put, market cap is calculated by multiplying the circulating supply of a coin by its value per coin.

Canadian Dollar Bitcoin Exchanges

Mar 27, 2018by CryptoCanada

Options are fairly limited for Canadian consumers interested in buying or selling Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for Canadian dollars. Below we will go over a list of exchanges and brokerages that are either Canadian-based or offer their services to Canadians.

What is Ripple? A Complete Guide to XRP

Mar 23, 2018by CryptoCanada

Bitcoin is inarguably the largest cryptocurrency in the world today by market cap. You most probably have heard of it. You hardly can turn on the TV as of late without someone bringing it up. However, there are a bunch of contenders to its throne and some of them are rather different.

Will Bitcoin be the World’s Currency? CEO of Twitter & Square Thinks So

Mar 23, 2018by CryptoCanada

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of both Twitter and Square, said in an interview with the Times of London there will be one single world currency within the coming decade. And he believes that universal currency will be bitcoin.

Twitter to Ban Cryptocurrency Ads

Mar 21, 2018by CryptoCanada

Twitter is allegedly planning to prohibit advertisements for ICO/ITO projects and crypto wallets. The new policy is supposed to be implemented within the coming weeks. The policy change has yet to be officially announced or confirmed.

PayPal to Create Own Blockchain-based Payment System

Mar 21, 2018by CryptoCanada

World payments giants PayPal does not want to be left behind in the fast-paced cryptocurrency world. Therefore the firm is putting preparations in top gear to create its virtual currency payment system, in a bid to remain competitive.

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